Theatre Nursery Landscaping Draws Applause

Desert Theater Cactus Nursery is your full service landscaping specialist. Let the group at Desert Theater assist you tactically and mindfully put a variety of cacti, succulents, and euphorbia in your area to produce an area that appeals to both your practical and unique senses. Desert Theater cactus nursery has a total of 15 acres of growing ground with everything from 4″ pots to 30″ box specimen plant material. Specimens consist of agaves, barrel cactus, aloes, echeverias, columnar cactus and a large selection of cacti, succulents and euphorbia. Contrary to some beliefs, cacti, euphorbia, and succulents can bloom and flower with big leaves to improve your landscape. Desert Theater Nursery welcomes you to come see for yourself, the appeal these remarkable plants can provide.

Drought tolerant landscaping in San Diego County is on every homeowner’s mind. The team at Desert Theater Cactus Nursery comprehends and has a remarkable quantity of options for you. Cacti, succulents and euphorbia are resilient due to two elements: Having adjustment to it’s native environment and their big shallow root system that will select up every little drop of wetness that touches the ground. Whether it be an early morning fog, blowing clouds on a mountain top, or a two minute desert rain, cacti are belonging to our location and have actually adjusted to that desert like environment taking in each and every aspect. California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas are ideal for dry spell tolerant plants.

A dry spell tolerant landscape will be a terrific fire retardant as well as conserve you money on water and upkeep. It is likewise a responsible method to do your part in water preservation. Saving water is a major concern in Southern California and surrounding states. Desert Theater Cactus Nursery has the ideal option for you; secure your home from fire, save water and grow exotic, remarkable plants on your house. We at Desert Theater think it’s a stunning concept!

Desert Theater Nursery is had and operated by Brandon Bullard. Brandon has actually been acknowledged as the leader in his industry for more than 20 years. He has actually lead thousands of regional and from state design, transport and installation projects and is referred to as “The Cactus Guy” when individuals need the task done right. Desert Theater Cactus Nursery has an unrivaled amount of experience when it pertains to growing cactus, caring for cactus, transferring cactus, and setting up cactus.

Brandon and his team of professionals have had numerous short articles blogged about them in top San Diego magazine and newspaper publications such as Sunset Magazine and the Union Tribune where he was congratulated for his remarkable work on numerous local landscaping. Desert Theater has actually also been an active individual in the San Diego Home and Garden Show consisting of the Garden Masters where Desert Theater has won numerous awards for dramatic design and phenomenal plant products.
Desert Theater Nursery’s main location is snuggled in the Hidden Meadow Mountains in Escondido, California. Our Cactus Nursery wased established more than 25 years ago By Jay Jackson and is a short-term the home of countless fully grown euphorbia, cacti and succulents ready for transportation and installation throughout California, Arizona, Texas and Nevada. Dessert Theater Nursery has over 15 acres of nature’s most lovely plants known to the deserts of the world that are dry spell resistant, money saving and fire retardant for your landscaping requires. Our team of cactus nursery leaders have a combined 92 years of extraordinary gardening, landscaping design, transportation and setup for your home or business. There is no task too huge or too small for the team at Desert Theater Cactus Nursery.