Things to Keep In Mind When Auditioning For A Musical

How to audition for a musical presented by Applause Theatre Company Taught by Mr. Steven Fenley, Associate Artistic Director, The Texas Repertory Theatre Company, Inc.

Every clip demonstrates a musical theatre audition no-no.
(The actors really DO know how to audition, for the record.)

Hello Everyone! This video was so much fun to film! Me and my friend Julia acted out what you should NOT do at acting auditions!
Thank you to Poptropica GuruGirl for requesting this video! I am so excited to start filming more of the videos you guys have requested!

Thanks so much for watching! (:

Hey guys! Hopefully you enjoyed this “Quick” little video where I gave you some of my best tips on how to start acting with no experience!! You guys ask me this allllll the time, so I thought it would be a good time to finally talk about it!